Does God Forgive Murder?

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We can never know the mind of God in this life or the next.  We can discern how God feels about a topic by how He handles it and advises us to handle it. 

We must keep in mind that a physical death is not the end but the beginning of eternity.  When we judge from an earthly frame of reference, we are not seeing the big picture.  It has been said that absolutely nothing that Satanic Forces do in the life of the Believer will work for the glory of Satan in eternity. 

When anyone is murdered, does God not see it?  If God chooses to forgive the murder and give the murder additional time on this earth then it is His prerogative.  If the murderer faces execution then we need to realize that if the penalty is justified then the punishment is righteous.  The victim, hopefully a Believer, has had their life shorten on this earth where they could have earned more eternal rewards.

Item Person(s) Scriptural References and reasons Forgiven?
1 Cain kills Able Genesis 4.  Notice in Gen 4:17 that Cain begot Enoch and the descendents are Believers and they have part of the seed family line going forward.  God could have taken Cain's life but God did not.  Instead God punished Cain but gave forgiveness to Cain by having Cain have "Faith" in "the Mark".   Cain's forgiveness is repented by the evidence of his lineage and also the offspring had the name of God in their names " ... El".   If Cain wasn't forgiven then he would have turned against God and would done everything in his power to not raise a family who were Followers of God.

Part of the punishment that Cain expeirnced was the ground would not yield in abundance as it did before.  Cain was a farmer.

Note that "the Mark" could have been something on the body or something that Cain was required to carry with him and to have Faith in it to keep him safe.  We are not given details but it is reasonable to conclude that ill-regardless of what it was, it did require Cain to have Faith in God protecting him because of the murder.  In all of the Scriptures, when God has someone using "Faith in Him" then that person is a "saved" person that will enter Heaven.  

2 Moses kills an Egyptian   Yes
3 King David has Uriah the Hittite killed. 2 Samuel 11 Yes
4 Thief on the cross   Yes

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