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There are many wonderful sites out there that have exceptional information also.  It is the prayer and hope that this site will target areas that you had either questions on or expose you to information that will reinforce your Faith in the God of the Bible.   Note that this site has purposely been (1) designed simplistically (2) without ostentatious graphics, (3) advertising of any kind for profit and (4) without pretentiousness photos, acknowledgments or credentials about the author.  You may find topics incomplete if they are a work in progress.
1 Abraham offers up his son in the same place that Jesus is Crucified
2 Adams Lineage carries the Christian message
3 Adam and Eve.  An apple?, covered in light, etc
4 Adultery & Cheating - Affairs Additional: Divorce & Relational breakups
5 Age of Accountability 
6 Apostles
1 Bible Source Text
2 Book of the Wars of the Lord
3 Book of Jasher and other references.
4 Bride of Christ
5 Bronze Basin Error of 1 Kings 7:23? No
1 Cities Of Refuge
2 The Coming Prince
3 Curse on Jeconniah
4 Crucifixion on the same location as other events
1 Daughters of Zelophehad
2 Day Starts at Sundown not at Midnight
3 Day Jesus is Crucified
4 Death on the Cross as describe by the Lord in Psalm 22 and other scriptures
5 Dispensations of the Holy Spirit, Grace and Salvation and how it is dispersed in the ages of mankind.
6 Divorce & Relational breakups  Additional: Adultery & Cheating - Affairs
1 Encryptions centered around the plain text and Sevens in the Scriptures
2 Earth Life Principle - life as we know it is impossible without an external influence
3 New EARTH and new HEAVEN
4 Eternal Life
5 Exodus, did it happen
1 Feast Days and how the point to the Messiah
2 The Universal Flood
3 Finding a Church
1 Gematria - Hidden finger prints of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures
2 Generational Curses
3 Generations in the Bible add up to 6000 years
4 Gentile Brides in the Old Testament have no death recorded
5 God and Israel marriage
6 Gog and Magog
7 Great Pyramid of Egypt
8 Growing older.  Thoughts as people you love begin to pass on
1 Heaven can be perfect for eternity?
2 Hell.  Is it a real place? Annihilation?
3 Gynephilia/Homosexuality
1 Israel marches in the book of Numbers in the sign of the Cross
2 Israel after the Rapture?  Does God still have a plan for Israel?
3 Is there a God?
1 Jonah swallowed by what and could it happen
2 Pictures and portrayals of Jesus Christ
1 Losing Salvation, is that possible?
2 Lucifer fell
1 Mauro Bilino - Claims God in the Bible was extraterrestrials
2 Mazzaroth - Jewish Astronomy
3 Mary in the Gospels and modern information
4 Mary have other children?
5 Murder
1 Names of God
2 Near Death Experiences
3 Nephilim
4 Flood ends where the next day is the first day on the new earth and it is the same day as Christ's Resurrection
5 Noah's Ark.  Could it have carried all species needed to reseed the world?
6 Noah's Ark and where it is now.
1 Pastors - A Constructive Criticism that is Sorely Needed
2 Pope? If so then who was the first Pope?
3 Dual prophecies of Christ.
4 Predictions of the Messiah that have been fulfilled
5 Prayer
1 Rapture before the Russian Invasion attempt of Israel
2 Rapture of Christians before the Tribulation Period
3 Rephaim
4 Risen - 4 Gospels and is there a discrepancy on Easter?
1 Salvation, Lose Salvation?
2 Satan
3 Seven Churches in Revelation mapped against Kingdom Parables and Epistles
4 Why the Christian experiences suffering
5 The Serpent on the Brass Pole
6 Skeptic Answers
7 God slew and Changed Minds for His Purpose
8 Success promises
1 Tenth Man, Blotted out and The Blood Curse of Jeconiah
2 Time was extended on the Earth
3 Three Days in the Bible
4 Three Kings visit the baby Jesus?
5 Twelve Tribes?
6 Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
1 Vising the iniquity of the fathers upon the children
1 Why does God allow suffering and not stop it?
2 Whorship / Praise
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