Adam's Lineage in the Book of Genesis

The original pronunciations and sometimes even spellings of the names of peoples in the history including the Bible have been a problem.   Over time we have transliterated the meanings by the pronunciations resulting in spelling changes.  The definition of "transliterated" is " write or print (a letter or word) using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language."  Given time, we have often lost the original meaning and can only speculate the meaning.  Fortunately with Hebrew, albeit some of the letters have changed, the letters carry meanings unlike any other language in the earth.  A close comparison, which is not the same, is the Chinese Mandarin (along with dialects) that have pictographic letters.

In Genesis 5, the lineage of Adam is given:

  Scripture Reference Lineage Hebrew Years lived General Meaning(s) Generality Word
1 Gen 5:1 Adam


930 "Man".  Small possibilities "Acre Man", "Red Man", "Blood Man", "Soul Man" or "Living Creature" Man
2 Gen 5:4 Seth


912 Gen 4:25 "appointed me another offspring".   Very small possibility it means "Buttocks" or "Tumult" Appointed
3 Gen 5:6 Enosh


905 "Mortal", "Frail" and/or "Miserable" Mortal
4 Gen 5:9 Kenan


910 To Lament or "Lamenter".  "Sorrow", "dirge" or "Elegy" Sorrow
5 Gen 5:12 Mahalelel


895 "Praise of God", "Praise the Blessed God" Blessed God
6 Gen 5:15 Jared


962 "Descent", "Decend", "Shall come down" Shall come down
7 Gen 5:18 Enoch   365 but raptured "Commencement" or "teaching" Teaching
8 Gen 5:22 Methuselah   999 "His death shall bring" His death shall bring
9 Gen 5:25 Lamech   777 "Lamentation" or "Despairing" the Despairing
10 Gen 5:28 Noah   950 "Comfort" or "rest" Comfort, Rest

Put it together liberally: "Man is appointed mortal sorrow but the Blessed God shall come down teaching His death shall bring the despairing comfort."

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