Seven Churches in Revelation
Mapped against Seven Kingdom Parables and Seven Epistles
(draft - work in progress)

There is too much of a design, symmetry and beauty between the Seven Churches, Seven Kingdom Parables and Seven Epistles to deny.

  Book of Revelation   Seven Kingdom Parables   How are the Church in Revelation and Kingdom Parables parallel? Paul's Letter (Epistles) Theme
1 Ephesus Rev 2:1-7 The Sower and 4 Soils Ephesus Early Church sewing and the soils Ephesus Grace, Jesus Christ, Growth in Knowledge, Living Life in Conformity with God's Salvation & emphasis on the Church.
2 Smyrna Rev 2:8-11 The Tares and the Wheat Smyrna Nostrasycism and Ceaser worship introduced Philippians Joy thru Suffering
3 Pergamos Rev 2:12-17 The Mustard Seed Pergamos Church gets to big and marries the World (State churches?) Corinthians Worldly church - Married to the World
4 Thyatira Rev 2:18-29 The Woman & the Leaven Thyatira Jesibel introducing false doctrine.  Woman putting Leaven in bread (bad) Galatians A call out of Religious externalism
5 Sardis Rev 3:1-6 The Treasure in the Field Sardis A "Name that it lived".  Confessed Jesus. Romans Definitive Doctrine - Gospel according to Paul.
6 Philadelphia Rev 3:7-13 The Pearl of Great Price Philadelphia The Raptured Church.  Kept the Word. Thessalonians Uniquely tailored to the Rapture
7 Laodicea Rev 3:14-22 The Dragnet Laodicea The final church where the World is reaped, good and bad are separated. Colossians You have been made complete in him (Christ), Colossians 2:10 



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