Is there a God?

  1. Everything we know of is Contingent, which means it came from something else or built from something else.  All life was caused by a predecessor and all materials and energy had a creation.  There has to be a none-contingent Being that started it all.  This is often called the Cosmological Argument.
  2. From Wikipedia: "In natural theology, a cosmological argument is an argument in which the existence of a unique being, generally identified with or referred to as God, is deduced or inferred as highly probable from facts or alleged facts concerning causation, change, motion, contingency, or finitude in respect of the universe as a whole or processes within it.  It is traditionally known as an argument from universal causation, an argument from first cause, or the causal argument. Whichever term is employed, there are three basic variants of the argument, each with subtle yet important distinctions: the arguments from in causa (causality), in esse (essentiality), and in fieri (becoming). The basic premise of all of these is the concept of causality and of a First Cause. The history of this argument goes back to Aristotle or earlier.."
  3. Big Bang?  It is the theory that there was nothing or a Mass in Singularity which exploded.  This is like stating that "First there was nothing and then it exploded".  There is two problems that are logically asked.  What caused something (large Mass in Singularity) to come into existence when nothing existed before and then what caused the explosion?   If the Singularity or Mass existed, then a Force had that was separate from the Mass, had to come against it to cause it to explode.  What was the Force and where did the Force come from?
  4. We know all machines start simple and through time are made more efficient and/or productive by continue refinements done by engineers.  The Engineers are external to the machine itself.  Additionally, machines that are improved upon, often require new types of parts.  Can any machine improve itself alone without an external influence?  Is life any different from machines designed by man?  If any biological being requires the ability to change into something more complex then external intelligent design principles have to be exerted where no scientist has been able to do so and there is no transitional fossil evidence.  Every science bows to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics with the exception of Biology.  Contrary to science fiction, when applying radiation to biological creatures in the hopes of beneficial mutation, the results has always been detrimental.
  5. We learned from Einstein that Light and Matter are just aspects of the same thing where Matter is Light in sort of a "frozen" state and Light is Matter which is moving.  The complexities to understand this and at the same time when stated this way makes it easy to understand.  The question is how did it get balanced or designed?  Was it an accident?  Scientist from both sides of the "god arguments" talk about the universe eventually dying from a heat death, which is very detailed in the explanation how this happens, but basically it is when all Energy is spent.  So the question is what "winded up the clock of the universe to have the energy, fuel and materials in the first place?" 
  6. Closed loop systems... more to add...

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