The Resurrection Day and the Four Gospels accounts
Is there a descrepancy?  No

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Here's a table of the events summarized using the Scriptural references:

Time Book Scripture Reference Who went there What and who they saw Notes
Began to dawn Matthew Matthew 28:1-10 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary (1) An Angel who had moved the stone after an earth quake (2) Guards (3) Jesus in vs. 10 The Angel told them where Jesus was
Early Morning Mark Mark 16:1-10 Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome A young man the young man told them were Jesus was
At early dawn Luke Luke 24:4 Women who "came with Jesus out of Galilee" Two men in dazzling apparel Two men (Witnesses)?  Moses and Elijah?  They tell the women He is risen.
    Luke 24:10 These were apprently there: Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary mother of James and other woman   Telling the Apostles things.
Frist day of the week while it was still dark. John John 20:1 Mary Madgalene Empty tomb  
  John John 20:2 Mary Magdalene to Simon Peter did not know where they have put the body of Jesus Mary apparently does not believe the two Witnesses.
  John John 20:14 - 18 Mary Magdalene  She sees two Angels and Jesus  

Is there a descrepancy?   No for several reasons and here are some notes on the accounts: