Names Of God

The Bible often uses the Tetragrammaton for God which is when you see YHWH or JHVH.  They are often then translated as Yahweh or Jehovah.

The names given by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures for the Name of God are:

    General meaning / Note(s) A Scriptural reference approximation count
  YHWH rendered as Yahweh     6800
  Elohim God plural as in the Creator Genesis 1:1 2600
  Adonai     439
  El God   238
  El Shaddai God Almighty or God the All-Sufficient One Genesis 17:2-3  
  El Eloah      
  El Elyon God singular Most High Genesis 14:18-20  
  El Roi God Who Sees Genesis 16:13-14  
  Yahweh Elohim      
  Yehovah first used in 800AD when converting Greek translation back to Hebrew by the Masorites    


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