Finding a Church

The first step is always pray that the Holy Spirit guides you to a Church that you can be not only fed but be of service.  Churches are not there for your benefit only.  You need to also recognize that some Churches are there which have the apperance of serving and whorshipping God but are spiritually dead as a whole desipite having members who may be walking a life pleasing to God.  There is an old cliche which states "If you find a perfect Church, do not join it because you will ruin it" which is to say there are no perfect Churches because they have people going to it like you and me.   Another way to look at Church membership is "Church is a hospital for sinners" which is why the unbelieving world often looks at Believers and says they are such messed up people because of the people who go who are looking to God for help in many areas.  A good way of looking at everyone including ourselves, is we are all a work in progress as sinners where our lives would far worse and messed up without God in ourlives.

Some general guidlines:

  1. The Church must use the Bible as the ultimate authority and not traditions.  Traditions which may be honoring to God can often go against the Word of God.
  2. The Church must have a Pastor who teaches without tempering the message because it is unpopular and there is a fear of loss of attendance and financial support.
  3. The Church should have an active placement for putting members into Home Groups that meet once a week for Bible study.  This is where Faith and Knowledge grows.
  4. The Church Service, that are on Sunday or Saturday (Shabbat ~ 7 day of the week), recognize it is about worshipping God.
  5. The Church should have opportunities for you to volunteer.

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