God and Israel's Marriage

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GOD made a covenant like a marriage covenant with his people ( Is 54 v5-6 )

GOD offered Israel a formal, written marriage contract - the Torah. See especially Ex 20 v3 and Deut 6 v4-5.   The contract was a blood covenant ( bride price ) in the blood of the Passover lamb, when GOD took Israel out of Egypt to be his own.   (Ex12 v13-14)   Israel accepted this proposal, saying "All that the LORD has spoken we will do."  (Ex19v7-8)   The people drink a cup of wine at Passover for acceptance of GOD'S proposal.   GOD gave Israel the Sabbath to spend time with him (like the wedding chamber ) and gave the three pilgrimage feasts as wedding celebrations.

Unfortunately, it was not a happy marriage as the old testament reveals and as was acted out in the life of Hosea.   GOD often had to put away his unfaithful wife but not forever.   We have yet to see the fulfilment of Hosea  3 v4-5 and  2 v16 and v19-20.   See also Ezek 16 v60-62, Jer 31 v31-34,  Jer 3 v20