Mauro Biglino
God of the Bible is/was Extraterrestrials

(work in progress)


There are two free downloadable PDFs off of the Internet, listed About and his translated book. There is always sincere and objective people who throughout time have come up with objections against Scripture along with the existence of a god. After reading both of these two documents concerning Mauro Biglino, it has to be argued that he is definitely is sincere and believes what he has researched and written is absolutely true.  Furthermore, Mauro appears to be putting out his work to try to help people, whom he feels are disceaved.  Obviously, Mauro is trying to make a living by financial gain of his work, which is to be expected.

For the Christian and the person who is searching for answers, there needs to be a rebuttal to Mauro Biglino’s written theories because of Mauro's credentials and history in the field of translations. The author, writing in the Biblical Thoughts, knows of one good friend who is highly intelligent who has earnestly believed in Mauro’s writing and is now living a life without a belief in the higher power of the Bible. If this could happen to one person along with the proliferation of internet / email connections, then Mauro’s written beliefs need a rebuttal from those in the Christian Faith. As of May of 2017 there are pages of links that are advocating his work but not a single link with a Christian rebuttal, so this is one.

Biblical Texts

Before continuing with analysis of Mauro's theories, the reader needs to read through informaiton on the written sources of the Bible by reading through the Bible Source History.


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